My name is
Kailey Keith

I am a Graphic Designer who loves to illustrate and accept new creative challenges.

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Some of My Work

Star City Figure Skating Club

The Star City Figure Skating Club is a figure skating club based in Lincoln Nebraska. They pride themselves on their excellent teamwork, and leadership skills and aim to give everyone a chance to skate.

Banu Jaanu

The foreign chocolate brand Banu Jaanu is based in India, and plays on the word Jaanu, meaning beloved, and darling. They wanted the wrapper to show the beloved as a beautiful woman in front of a Hindu temple to reflect their message of religion welcoming you with open arms making you feel beloved.

City Identity

This is a new city identity for Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine. Their state flower is the poppy flower which represents peace after war. Their town hall, the Lore Museum is also a part of the identity, as it stands as a safe haven for the city. This city has gone through so much tragedy, but still stands strong.

Skydive Atlas

SkyDive Atlas is a skydiving company based in Nebraska. They are known for giving people the adventure of a lifetime being able to jump out of a plane. They want to be known for adventure, as well as being family friendly.

Verdant Exotics Reptile Education

Verdant Exotics is a reptile education program. They special in reptile rescue, breeding, and education program. They also sell their reptiles to help fund their program. Verdant Exotics wants to show people that reptiles are not to be feared, but to be loved and embraced.